Private Pilot Certificate

The Federal Aviation Administration requires 40 hours of total flight time for the Private Pilot certificate.  This is typically broken down into 20 hours of Flight Instruction and 20 hours of Solo flight time.  During this time the student pilot will complete and meet the requirements to qualify to take the Private Pilot Practical Exam.

Required Security Documents:

Photo Identification/Birth Certificate or Passport

Requirement             Amount                Cost                     Total
Aircraft Rental                 40*                    $115.00                 $4,600.00
Flight Instruction            20*                    $60.00                 $1,200.00
Ground Instruction         5                        $60.00                 $300.00
                                                                                       Total   $6,100.00

* denotes minimum requirement for the Certificate.  $10.00 per hour discount provided when $1000.00 dollars placed on account.

The typical time for completion of the Private Pilot Certificate is 42-47 hours with our course.

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