Brainerd Aviation  Inc.

"Defy gravity, impress your friends, become a pilot"

Brainerd Aviation was established in 1998 with the goal of providing tailwheel and basic aerobatic flight instruction.  Over the years curriculums have expanded to include Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multiengine and Single/Multiengine/Instrument  Certified Flight Instructor Certificates.

Charles Scott has been flying for 28 years and flight instructing for 23 years.  He has held management positions for fixed base operations and Part 135 operators.  Teaching is something he truly enjoys and has shown this with a 21-year commitment to a local college teaching aviation ground courses.

Many of Charles's students have gone on to successful aviation careers in both civilian and military fields,  and several often return to enjoy a day of flying from grass strips at a slower pace.

Take a moment to look through the website or follow us on Facebook.  Our contact information is below and we look forward to assisting you in starting or continuing your aviation goals.

“There is no such thing as a natural born pilot. Whatever my aptitudes or talents, becoming a proficient pilot was hard work, really a lifetime’s learning experience. For the best pilots, flying is an obsession, the one thing they must continually do. The best pilots fly more than others; that’s why they are the best.”


                                                            Chuck Yeager